SenseICs is partnering with the military on integrated circuit design.

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Ramy Tantawy has a big vision for the young integrated circuit design house, SenseICs, that he co-founded here in Columbus.

“I wanted to build the next silicon farm to compete with Silicon Valley,” Tantawy says.

Tantawy and co-founder Dale Shane Smith, an Ohio State University electrical and computer engineering professor, have planted some pretty potent seeds already.

They’re tapping into Department of Defense networks, winning more than $2 million in Army, Air Force and DOD research contracts with an eye on large-scale commercialization of the various concepts they’re developing.

Along the way, Tantawy says SenseICs can play an important role in revitalizing the U.S.’s semiconductor manufacturing industry, leading to a more secure supply chain and more well-paid manufacturing jobs.

SenseICs, while incorporated in 2021, was founded in early 2017. Tantawy and Smith saw a gap in the industry, especially in Ohio, for providing integrated circuit (IC) design as a service.

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