Radio Engineering

Radio Architectures, Pt 4: sensitivity, noise, front-end amplifiers

System sensitivity and noise The noise from each component in the front end adds to the receiver’s noise floor, which sets the limit on the minimum signal level that can be detected. Noise can be characterized by its power spectral density (PSD), which is the power contained within a given bandwidth and is presented in units of

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RF Basics: Radio Propagation

It is fitting in a book about wireless communication to look at the phenomena that lets us transfer information from one point to another without any physical medium—the propagation of radio waves. If you want to design an efficient radio communication system, even for operation over relatively short distances, you should understand the behavior of

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Gigabit LTE: Crazy-fast wireless speeds, explained – CNET

Mobile You might have missed one of the Samsung Galaxy S8’s best features — support for Gigabit LTE. That’s because, for now, it’s still a little-known technology most phones don’t support. The good news is the carriers are doing something about it, upgrading their networks to higher speeds and more capacity, all so that episode

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Real World RF Filter Design and Construction | Hackaday

We bet when [devttyS0] made his latest video about RF filter design (YouTube, embedded below), he had the old saying in mind: in theory, there’s no difference between theory and practice, but in practice, there is. He starts out pointing how now modern tools will make designing and simulating any kind of filter easy, but

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Taoglas 2G/3G/4G Flexible MIMO Antenna – RF Design

FXUB71 Wide Band Flex 2xMIMO 150mm Ø1.37 The patent pending FXUB71 antenna is an industry leading embedded LTE 2*2 MIMO flexible polymer monopole type antenna for worldwide LTE applications, which also works equally well on 2G and 3G applications. The antenna comes with a micro coax cable and connector, and has good efficiency and isolation

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Peregrine Semiconductor Acquires Arctic Sand Technologies

Peregrine Semiconductor Acquires Arctic Sand Technologies By March 21, 2017 Peregrine Semiconductor, a Murata company and the founder of RF Silicon on Insulator, has recently announced its acquisition of Arctic Sand Technologies, an MIT spin-off that designs and manufactures low-power semiconductors for use in DC-DC power conversion applications. This strategic acquisition is designed to help

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