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Sampling of Company’s Fully Scalable, Single-chip, Single-die CMOS-based True5G™ Solution to Begin This Quarter

IRVINE, Calif., July 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mobix Labs Inc., a fabless RF (radio frequency) component company focused on next-generation wireless technologies, today introduced its MBX10 True5G™ mmWave beamformer AIP (antenna-in-package) and its MIC600 single-chip, single-die beamformer IC (integrated circuit) that deliver ultra-wideband performance from 24.25 – 43.5 GHz.

The MBX10 is a complete 16-channel RF front-end which includes all power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, phase shifters, variable gain amplifiers, switches, and matching circuits with an integrated 2×2 antenna in package (7.5mm x 7.5mm x 1.8mm) that provides unprecedented levels of integration and scalability in a cost-effective, Bulk CMOS-based solution.

“Our high performance Bulk CMOS technology allows us to incorporate advanced functionality into a low-cost structure solution that can easily scale to meet the needs of any mmWave 5G system,” said Fabian Battaglia, CEO of Mobix Labs. “We close the performance gap between Bulk CMOS and other manufacturing processes that gives customers looking to deploy 5G mmWave solutions a significant advantage in performance, efficiency, cost, size and time to market.”

Mobix Labs is accelerating the deployment and adoption of 5G mmWave networks and solutions with its MBX10 AIP and MIC600 Beamformer IC across a wide variety of customer applications, including automotive, small cells, repeaters, access points, industrial IoT, medical, and consumer products.

Key Features of the MBX10 and MIC600:

  • Single-chip, single-die solution in BULK CMOS.
  • Single SKU for worldwide coverage of 24.25 – 43.5 GHz.
  • Complete RF front-end integrating power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, phase shifters, variable gain amplifiers, switches and matching circuits.
  • 16-channel support, including vertical, horizontal and circular polarizations.
  • 24 operating modes with the ability to transmit and receive on different frequencies simultaneously.
  • Fully scalable to meet any antenna array size requirement.
  • Superior thermal performance for improved efficiencies and better management of heat emissions.

“Our MBX10 and MIC600 unlock the full capabilities of 5G solutions worldwide,” added Battaglia. “We are very excited to be introducing our fully scalable solution to a global customer base accelerating their time to market.”

The company will be sampling the MBX10 and MIC600 to strategic customers by the end of 3Q 2021.

About Mobix Labs 

Founded in 2020, Irvine, Calif.-based Mobix Labs is a fabless semiconductor company focused on developing RF (radio frequency) solutions necessary for simplifying the design of next-generation 5G wireless products and beyond. The company manufactures ultra-compact, fully integrated, single-chip, single-die, CMOS-based mmWave beamformers, antenna solutions and RF semiconductors. More information on the company can be found by visiting or by following on Twitter @MobixLabsInc and LinkedIn.

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