Wearable and IoT Devices Can Now Charge from Ambient Energy

e-peas - Making devices energy autonomous

e-peas – Making devices energy autonomous

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It’s not only annoying to change drained batteries but it’s also costly. Luckily, devices can now charge from ambient energy without any need of battery change.

As the IoT devices market grows, so too is the need for avoiding battery maintenance costs. That is why energy harvesting is becoming an inevitable trend leading to a more sustainable future.”

— Geoffroy Gosset

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, August 19, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Changing batteries in devices or charging them has been a headache for both individual consumers and industries for nearly 16 decades. While batteries have changed our lives for the better in many ways, progress requires the development of smarter and greener solutions which can make our lives easier and our technologies more sustainable.

Imagine if devices could self-recharge from the energy sources that surround them without the need to plug them in, or to change a battery. Luckily, such a solution already exists. It has been developed by a company headquartered in Belgium – e-peas (Electronic Portable Energy Autonomous Systems) and is already integrated into numerous smart devices such as watches, animal trackers, asset trackers, sensors, electronic price tags, etc.

e-peas technology allows a device to recharge from ambient energy sources such as solar, thermal, radio frequency, or vibration whenever they are available and store energy. For example, watches or headphones can constantly self-recharge from solar energy, be it indoors or outdoors. The result is that no effort is needed in order to change, or charge batteries for a period of many years.

In July 2021, e-peas unveiled a new family of battery charging AEMs (Ambient Energy Managers). While the company’s existing Power Management Integrated Circuits (PMICs) offer direct power delivery to the application, as well as the charging of energy storage elements (such as Li-Ion batteries or super-capacitors), the AEM10900, AEM10300 and AEM30300 are fully dedicated to the charging function. This allows them to be employed in situations that need a simpler implementation, where there are space or cost constraints that need to be considered.

Imagine a watch that doesn’t need a battery replacement anymore and functions indefinitely; a fire alarm that never beeps because of a drained battery; a remote control which is always functional; an animal tracker which never loses an animal or a migrating bird; sensors which never stop communicating data and keep businesses and households secure. All these devices are already a reality, driven by companies with the vision and determination to revolutionize the IoT industry with greener and easier to use devices.

As a result of adopting e-peas technology, there will be no more costs associated with the changing of batteries systems downtimes and batteries themselves; no more time will be wasted on searching for the right batteries; there will be no more data loss; battery charging will be hassle free and there will be no harmful batteries to dispose of.


About e-peas

e-peas develops and markets disruptive ultra-low power semiconductor technology. This enables industrial and IoT wireless product designers to substantially extend battery lifespans and to eliminate the heavy call-out costs of replacing batteries without in any way compromising on reliability. Drawing on 15 years of research and patented intellectual property, the company’s products increase the amount of harvested energy and drastically reduce the energy consumption of all power consuming blocks within wireless sensor nodes.

Headquartered in Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium, with additional offices in Switzerland and the USA, e-peas offers a portfolio of energy harvesting power management interface ICs, microcontrollers and sensor solutions.

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e-peas: Increase Battery Life of IoT Devices

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