UV-C Advancements Enable Innovative Germicidal Uses Displacing Lamps In Some Scenarios

Join us for this live webinar March 23, 2021

3:00 PM EDT / 2:00 PM CDT / 12:00 PM PDT / 7:00 PM GMT


The bulk of germicidal UV-C applications today use mercury lamp sources. While those lamps are proven technologies, they are relatively fragile, contain a hazardous material, and must be powered on continuously. Meanwhile, UV-C LEDs lurk ready to usurp the UV-C lamp business just as visible-light LEDs and solid-state lighting (SSL) have taken over general illumination. This webcast will document the state-of-the-art in UV-C LED technology and project where breakthroughs in radiant power, germicidal efficacy, and lifetime might come. Moreover the presentation with describe how LEDs are capable of vastly different operational scenarios relative to legacy lamps and how some of those scenarios will match up well with specific germicidal applications.

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Dr. Michael Krames
Dr. Michael Krames

Dr. Michael Krames founded consulting firm Arkesso in 2015. He has interests in a broad range of topics involving wide bandgap semiconductors, including light-emitting diodes, laser diodes, luminescent materials, photonic integrated circuits, photovoltaics, power and radio-frequency electronics, and their applications including lighting, displays, power generation, conversion, and conditioning. Previously he held executive positions at Soraa and Lumileds.

Maury Wright
Maury Wright
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