Texas Instruments makes high-reliability products immediately available for purchase on TI.com

Engineers and purchasing managers can now access TI’s inventory of thousands of HiRel products on TI.com, including radiation-hardened and radiation-tolerant products in the qualified manufacturers list (QML) plastic, ceramic or metallic packages used in space, avionics and defense system designs. Additionally, purchasers now have multiple options to select date and lot codes before placing an order.

“Increasingly, customers are developing highly sophisticated satellites and other advanced electronics that must operate in harsh conditions, and our customers expect shorter supplier lead times to meet mission-critical project timelines,” said Gary Reichmuth, general manager for aerospace and defense systems at Texas Instruments. “With the vast inventory of our HiRel products available on TI.com, supported with lot selection options and associated documentation, customers will be able to obtain HiRel products and get to production faster than with other semiconductor suppliers.”

TI’s long history in aerospace and defense electronics

For over 60 years, TI integrated circuits have been used in many spacecraft and defense electronics in the United States, Europe and other regions. TI has a long track record of manufacturing HiRel products, helping assure a steady supply of parts to customers who develop space, commercial and military applications. More than half of TI’s manufacturing sites are QML-certified, enabling the company to quickly qualify, manufacture and ship high-quality, reliable analog and embedded processing products.

Product innovation

Two of TI’s newest HiRel space products include DC/DC buck converters intended to help customers meet key power management challenges of different satellite mission profiles. The TPS7H4001-SP provides industry-leading power density for full QML-V, radiation-hardness-assured satellite applications, and the TPS7H4010-SEP offers the widest voltage range for the shorter missions of low-earth-orbit satellites.

In addition to power management, aerospace companies can purchase other TI devices on TI.com, such as the LMX2615-SP 40-MHz to 15-GHz wideband radio frequency synthesizer with phase synchronization and the new LMK04832-SP ultra-low noise clock jitter cleaner. Both of these clock and timing devices support the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council (JEDEC) JESD204B standard and help to reduce design complexity and weight, while increasing system stability in satellite systems.

Instant access to QML ceramic package material information

Traditionally, one of the biggest barriers to obtaining QML-V and QML-Q products has been access to material content information for ceramic packaging before purchasing those products. To help solve this challenge, TI has added a quality, reliability and packaging data download feature on TI.com to obtain detailed ceramic package material information for up to 100 parts at once, as well as details about restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS); registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals (REACH); and green status.

New TI HiRel product ordering features available on TI.com

TI offers the following specific features to simplify aerospace and defense manufacturers’ purchasing experience at any stage, from concept to production:

  • Immediately available inventory: Customers can select from thousands of authentic TI HiRel products to get their space-grade and military-grade systems to market quickly.
  • Multiple date and lot-code options: New options on TI.com enable users to select specific date and lot codes as needed before placing an order. Each QML lot ships with a certificate of conformance – a quality conformance inspection and a processing conformance report summarizing traceability and testing performed – per Military Performance Specification (MIL-PRF)-38535.
  • Multiple payment options: TI continues to make it more convenient for companies to purchase and obtain authentic TI products at the lowest online price.* Customers can now easily transact on TI.com in U.S. dollars (USD), euros (EUR), British pounds (GBP) and other currencies. TI also offers a line of credit in USD or EUR through Apruve.
  • Fast, reliable shipping: Whether companies need to order a single part or multiple HiRel product quantities, TI simplifies delivery by handling the logistics and importation process in select countries, making it easier for customers to get the products they need.

About Texas Instruments

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*Lowest online prices on 1,000-unit quantities for 99% of TI’s immediately available inventory. Excludes expired products and products sold by nonauthorized sources.

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