Taiwan’s response to COVID-19 and the future of global health policy and research

UCLA Taiwan in the World Program Inaugural Forum

A dialogue with Frank Chang (UCLA) and Jason Wang (Stanford University)

Thursday, May 20, 2021
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM (Pacific Time)
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The UCLA Taiwan in the World lecture series aims to promote Taiwan studies and disseminate knowledge about Taiwan in a global context and shed light on Taiwan’s political economy, international relations, and US-Taiwan-China relations, as well as Taiwan’s society, political system, social structure, and institutions.

In this inaugural forum, Frank Chang, former president of National Chiao Tung University, and Jason Wang, a leading expert on Taiwan’s public health system, will discuss Taiwan’s successful response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Their conversation will touch on Taiwan’s digital health infrastructure, big data analytics, new technology, proactive testing, ethics and governance for digital disease surveillance. They will consider comparative approaches to healthcare policies in Taiwan and the US and discuss the role of universities and education for scientific collaboration and collaborative research on global health in future.

Opening Remarks by:

Cindy Fan, Vice Provost for International Education and Global Engagement, UCLA

Louis M. Huang
, Director General of the Taipei Economic and Culture Office (TECO)-Los Angeles

Min Zhou
, Director of the UCLA Asia Pacific Center

C. Jason Wang is an Associate Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics and Director of the Center for Policy, Outcomes, and Prevention at Stanford University. Dr. Wang’s research interests include developing tools for assessing and improving the quality of healthcare; facilitating the use of innovative consumer technology in improving quality of care and health outcomes; studying competency-based medical education curriculum; and improving health systems performance. He served as the project manager for Taiwan’s National Health Insurance Reform Task-force.

M. C. Frank Chang is Distinguished Professor and the Wintek Chair in Electrical Engineering at UCLA. He is a pioneer in the research and development of high-speed and high-frequency mixed-signal devices and integrated circuits for radio, radar, imaging, and interconnect systems-on-chip applications. He served as the President of National Chiao Tung University in Hsinchu, Taiwan from 2015 to 2019.


Sponsor(s): Asia Pacific Center

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