high power rf microwave amplifier

ARLINGTON, Va. – U.S. military researchers are asking industry to develop high-power RF and microwave amplifiers able to generate sufficient electromagnetic radiation to damage or kill enemy electronics, John Keller reports for Military & Aerospace Electronics. Continue reading original article.

The Intelligent Aerospace take:

March 11, 2021 –The WARDEN electronic warfare (EW) program has three technical areas: high-power microwave traveling-wave amplifier; rapid assessment and numerical generation of electromagnetic response (RANGER); and agile waveform development. The high-power microwave traveling-wave amplifier and agile waveform portions are classified, and the Ranger portion is not.

High-power microwave systems are radio-frequency directed energy weapons that use electromagnetic radiation to disrupt, disable, or damage targeted electronic components and circuits.

The advantages of high-power microwave systems include non-kinetic, wide-area effects at long stand-off distances; deep magazines; operation in adverse environmental conditions; and speed-of-light engagement, DARPA researchers explain.

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Jamie Whitney, Associate Editor
Intelligent Aerospace

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