Analog Devices’ Signal Processing and System Solutions: A 50-Year Success Story (sponsored)

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Today’s advanced defense systems in radar, communications, avionics, defense electronics and much more demand the best in system level performance and security. For over 50 years, Analog Devices has been at the forefront of innovation in signal processing for Aerospace and Defense applications, such as for phased array, military communications, missiles and precision munitions, unmanned systems, radar, space, electronic surveillance and avionics applications. As a world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of a broad portfolio of high performance analog, mixed-signal, and digital signal processing integrated circuits (ICs) used in virtually all types of electronic equipment, the global company provides superior products, expanded product portfolios and innovative system solutions from antenna-to-bits, as well as deep system level knowledge to enable the warfighter and mission-critical platforms. ADI’s commitment to performance, reliability and sustainability has made the company a preferred supplier e.g. to the Department of Defense (DoD) and other US and foreign Aerospace and defense agencies around the world.

Solving Tomorrow’s Aerospace and Defense Challenges

By offering the industry’s broadest portfolio of components and high-performance signal chain solutions, decades of system-level knowledge and expertise, as well as custom modules and subsystems, the company has a clear mission: to solve today’s and tomorrow’s aerospace and defense challenges. ADI’s industry-leading integrated solutions reduce size, weight, and power and are combined with new capabilities in security and cryptographic solutions for a wide range of applications and technologies, including for Electronic Surveillance and Countermeasures, Radar, Military Communications and Soldier Systems. Analog Devices’ capabilities in the aerospace and defense market include:

  • Industry’s Broadest Portfolio of Process Technologies: By breaking down the barriers between RF, analog and digital, and rethinking the signal chain, the company helps customers to build, optimize, integrate, repackage and redefine the entire signal chain to deliver the highest performance with the greatest reliability to mission-critical applications.
  • Advanced Integration Capabilities: Based on the comprehensive antenna-to-bits portfolio and the ability to integrate on-chip, in-package and on the line replaceable units, custom integrated solutions are offered that mitigate new adoption risks and ensure the highest levels of performance and design efficiency.
  • Manufacturing and Test Abilities: Analog Devices has extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of high performance miniature microwave, analog and digital subsystems for demanding high reliability defense and space applications including high power amplifiers, frequency converters, digitizers, integrated measurement units and precision instrumentation.
  • Space, Satellite, and High Reliability Systems: State-of-the-art RF and microwave, linear IC, data conversion and digital signal processing technologies have been developed by the company for high reliability applications with QML Class V processing for the specific needs of the space market.
  • Security Capabilities: Analog Devices works with customers at every level to enable system-wide security that meets the most exacting mission requirements. The hardware- and software-based cryptographic technologies and cybersecurity software and services protect the entire signal chain, from antenna-to-bits, securing radio communications.
How Electronic Warfare Is Impacted by 5G and how Analog Devices Helps to Enable Multiple Industries Feeling the 5G Effect

One of Analog Devices’ latest research fields in the aerospace and defense market covers the question how 5G is driving mmWave technology across multiple industries and how electronic warfare systems are impacted. The technology in today’s world continues to move higher in frequency to solve problems and improve performance. It is these millimeter wave (mmWave) frequencies that offer hope in solving the toughest requirements in many industries such as communications and defense. 5G communication systems benefit from years of research done by defense companies for different applications but similar needs. In telecommunication links where the need for higher data rates continues to surpass existing techniques solutions are moving to 28GHz and 39GHz.

A result of this increased IC development at high frequencies is an increase in the number of technologies that militaries need to contend with on the battlefield. Defense applications, such as when saving a stranded crew member at sea, benefit from the improved resolution of high frequency radars that can more clearly resolve objects. Additionally, many of the ICs designed for telecommunications must be low cost and suitable for high volume manufacturing to make them easier to deploy. A by-product of all this activity is the need for test instruments to verify that the solutions function across the application space.

The paper “5G Drives mmWave Technology Across Multiple Industries” provided by Analog Devices describes the intertwined world of wireless electronics, how electronic warfare is impacted by 5G, the 5G effect on ICs and how Analog Devices helps to enable multiple industries feeling the 5G effect. 

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