Analog Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ:ADI) CAO Michael Sondel Sells 2,210 Shares

Analog Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ:ADI) CAO Michael Sondel sold 2,210 shares of the firm’s stock in a transaction on Friday, February 19th. The shares were sold at an average price of $163.79, for a total transaction of $361,975.90.

Shares of NASDAQ ADI traded down $4.56 during midday trading on Monday, reaching $159.24. 3,504,410 shares of the company’s stock traded hands, compared to its average volume of 2,845,409. The company has a quick ratio of 1.40, a current ratio of 1.84 and a debt-to-equity ratio of 0.43. The stock’s 50 day simple moving average is $154.38 and its 200-day simple moving average is $133.41. Analog Devices, Inc. has a one year low of $79.07 and a one year high of $164.40. The company has a market cap of $58.74 billion, a price-to-earnings ratio of 48.53, a P/E/G ratio of 2.26 and a beta of 1.31.

Analog Devices (NASDAQ:ADI) last posted its earnings results on Tuesday, February 16th. The semiconductor company reported $1.44 earnings per share for the quarter, topping analysts’ consensus estimates of $1.32 by $0.12. Analog Devices had a return on equity of 15.51% and a net margin of 21.79%. During the same quarter last year, the company earned $1.03 earnings per share. Equities analysts predict that Analog Devices, Inc. will post 5.69 EPS for the current fiscal year.

The business also recently disclosed a quarterly dividend, which will be paid on Tuesday, March 9th. Investors of record on Friday, February 26th will be given a dividend of $0.69 per share. The ex-dividend date is Thursday, February 25th. This represents a $2.76 dividend on an annualized basis and a yield of 1.73%. This is an increase from Analog Devices’s previous quarterly dividend of $0.62. Analog Devices’s dividend payout ratio (DPR) is presently 50.51%.


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Institutional investors have recently made changes to their positions in the business. Davis R M Inc. acquired a new stake in shares of Analog Devices in the 4th quarter worth $1,126,000. StrategIQ Financial Group LLC purchased a new position in shares of Analog Devices in the 4th quarter valued at approximately $207,000. Resonant Capital Advisors LLC boosted its stake in Analog Devices by 3.7% in the 4th quarter. Resonant Capital Advisors LLC now owns 12,599 shares of the semiconductor company’s stock worth $1,861,000 after purchasing an additional 449 shares in the last quarter. San Luis Wealth Advisors LLC acquired a new position in Analog Devices during the 4th quarter valued at approximately $674,000. Finally, Leelyn Smith LLC lifted its stake in shares of Analog Devices by 5.0% during the fourth quarter. Leelyn Smith LLC now owns 17,377 shares of the semiconductor company’s stock worth $2,567,000 after buying an additional 824 shares during the period. Institutional investors and hedge funds own 91.90% of the company’s stock.

ADI has been the subject of a number of recent research reports. Royal Bank of Canada lifted their price objective on shares of Analog Devices from $174.00 to $180.00 and gave the stock an “outperform” rating in a research note on Tuesday, February 16th. KeyCorp raised their price objective on Analog Devices from $160.00 to $175.00 and gave the company an “overweight” rating in a research note on Wednesday, January 6th. Truist increased their price target on Analog Devices from $136.00 to $164.00 and gave the company a “buy” rating in a report on Wednesday, November 25th. Piper Sandler lifted their price objective on shares of Analog Devices from $150.00 to $180.00 and gave the stock an “overweight” rating in a research note on Thursday. Finally, Smith Barney Citigroup boosted their price objective on shares of Analog Devices from $134.00 to $155.00 in a research report on Wednesday, November 25th. Seven analysts have rated the stock with a hold rating and eighteen have issued a buy rating to the company. The stock has an average rating of “Buy” and a consensus price target of $155.20.

Analog Devices Company Profile

Analog Devices, Inc designs, manufactures, tests, and markets integrated circuits (ICs), software, and subsystems that leverage analog, mixed-signal, and digital signal processing technologies. The company offers data converter products, which translate real-world analog signals into digital data, as well as translates digital data into analog signals; high-performance amplifiers to condition analog signals; and radio frequency and microwave ICs to support cellular infrastructure.

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Insider Buying and Selling by Quarter for Analog Devices (NASDAQ:ADI)

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