Analog devices to showcase RF, microwave and mmWave solutions at IMS2022 booth No. 3050

Analog devices to showcase RF, microwave and mmWave solutions at IMS2022 booth No. 3050

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) offers a full range of RF expertise and devices. At IMS2022, ADI will present its latest RF, microwave and millimeter wave technologies for instrumentation and aviation & amp; defense applications.

ADI on IMS2022 points out:

Key Note • “RF / Microwave Front Calibration in Multichannel Receiver and Transmitter Systems” Date / Time: Thursday, June 23, 8:00 – 9:40 Moderator: Mike Jones, System Application Manager

Demos & amp; Views: • Vector Network Analyzer: Vector network analysis is now used outside the lab in applications ranging from system health monitoring solutions to production testing equipment. See how the 20 GHz, 8-port small-format network analyzer solution performs live measurements and displays s-parameter size and phase measurement results in a custom graphical user interface.

• SATCOM signal chain: ADI’s complete signal chain solution for SATCOM applications, along with reference design, allows users to accelerate their own designs.

• High-speed wireless data connectivity: See how ADI handles data interconnectivity through Industry 4.0 Rotary Connection applications, factory automation, and other robotic settings.

• Complete solution for mmWave 5G radios: Discover the ADI portfolio width below 6 GHz and mmWave 5G through a complete 28 GHz 4T4R 5G RU designed entirely with ADI ICs and a low PHY IP antenna over the air interface. This comprehensive solution, consisting of a market-proven IP, significantly reduces customer execution risk, time to market and required resources using ADI RF, mixed signal and mmWave IC and system-level design expertise. Learn how ADI can accelerate your mmWave 5G deployments across 24 GHz to 47 GHz.

• Single-pole double switch in SOI: Learn more about ADI’s high-power SOI switches and select tuned GaN amplifiers in the power amplifier bank application. This is an easy to use alternative to GaN and PIN switches.

• Evolution of mmWave 5G: Innovative broadband switches and silencers in the SOI process are on display on their evaluation boards for key performance metrics within a live demonstration. The latest devices in adhesive and packaged form guarantee solid performance in the mmWave 5G frequency range, while offering an attractive solution to bias and size challenges in microwave assemblies.

• PLL and Quadband VCO Frequency Synthesizer: ADI enables fast switching and high performance in the new PLL circuit design using a four-band VCO consisting of four narrow bands integrated into one package. The design provides advantages similar to the frequency range of broadband PLLs, as well as phase noise performance and lock time of narrowband PLL performance.

• Dual fractional PLL synchronization with integrated VCO: ultra-low jitter and synchronized multiple high-frequency clocks are key to achieving high performance in modern communications, instrumentation and radar applications. This demo illustrates how to achieve high clock performance with the EZSYNC and Timed-SYNC capabilities of our new Fractional PLL chips. The solution allows you to choose the most appropriate synchronization method while providing the best jitter performance in the class up to 12.8 GHz.

• Optimizing power solutions for RF signal chains: See how ADI’s methodology for meeting power domain sensitivity and real power noise limitation optimizes power solutions for RF signal chains. The optimized power supply solution improves the shape factor, energy efficiency and power loss of a standard power supply solution while achieving dynamic RF signal chain performance. This methodology shows various power design optimizations including RF transceivers, RF amplifiers, fast ADCs and DACs and more.

• Reduce EMI and BOM with Silent Switcher µModule Controller: ADI’s Silent Switcher® architecture minimizes EMI emissions by allowing µModule Controller to pass CISPR22 Class B. The combination of Silent Switcher, wide operating frequency range and multiple modes makes it ideal for EMI noise sensitive. Quad configurable output Silent Switcher controllers can replace up to 4 competing modules with one output, which speeds up design and reduces composition.

• X-Band Hybrid Beamforming Radar System Platform: Learn more about ADI’s antenna-to-bits system platform that integrates ADC / DAC solutions with RF / microwave up / down converter circuits and analog beamforming ICs (BFIC) . The platform provides a complete hybrid beamforming signaling chain that can be controlled and evaluated with the example of HDL and end-user scalable software.

• Phase Sequence Prototyping Platform: The Quad-MxFE® System Development Platform is a 16-Tx / 16 Rx-channel direct sampling phase array solution that supports applications including radar, electronic warfare and SATCOM. Built of four MxFE® transceivers, RF front-end, clock and circuit, the platform features multi-chip synchronization, system-level calibration and air shaping algorithms. The system connects to the Xilinx® VCU118 Evaluation Board and includes HDL code and MATLAB software.

• Agile RF software defined radio (SDR) transceivers: RF agile software defined radio (SDR) transceivers for critical communications operate from 30 MHz to 6000 MHz with 12 kHz narrowband and up to 40 MHz broadband signals. See how these high dynamic range direct transceivers minimize material inventory, include RF system calibrations, programmable digital filtering, and advanced system level features for optimal size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C).

• 5G mmWave signal instrumentation chain: Learn more about ADI’s high-performance 50GHz millimeter-wave signal chain + wireless test solutions. The system demonstrates instrument-sized vector magnitude (EVM) performance (<-40dB) covering the latest 5G and Wifi frequency bands. The demo features the latest ADI MxFE® RF sampling converters and the widest band RF front components, including mixers, amplifiers and switches. The signal chain also highlights power clocking and management devices for rapid assessment and implementation.

MicroApps Speakers • Unal Kudret, Product Application Engineer: “Is it hard to sync fractional PLLs? No more! “On Tuesday, June 21 from 11:15 – 11:30

• Kieran Barrett, Product Application Engineer: “Fast Switching, High-Performance PLL and Four-Band VCO Frequency Synthesizer” on Wednesday, June 22 from 12:45 – 13:00

• Eric Carty, Product Application Engineer: “Micro Relay DC to 64Gbps with Integrated Driver, Simplified Productivity Solution” on Wednesday, June 22 from 4:45 to 5:00 p.m.

• Unal Kudret, Product Application Engineer: “I need Sub-10fs RMS signal jitter generation: translation loops” on Thursday, June 23 from 10:45 to 11:00

Workshops • Bryan Goldstein, Vice President of Aviation and Defense: “RF Boot Camp (Session: RFMW Application Focus) on Monday, June 20th.

• John Cowles, Senior Director of Engineering: “Advances in SATCOM Phase Sequences and Constellations for LEO, MEO and GEO Systems” one-day workshop on Monday, June 20th.

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