The level of field intensity of the electromagnetic waves emitted by radio broadcasting, mobile telephony and Internet antennas in Cusco are below the maximum permissible limit established internationally. This is evidenced by the latest measurement carried out last weekend in different parts of the region.

Engineers from the Cusco Radioelectric Spectrum Control Station of the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) carried out measurements at Cerro Picchu, in the district of Lucre, in Quispicanchi and in the Plaza de Armas in Cusco.

The results conclude that non-ionizing radiation from the main telecommunications services does not exceed 1% of the maximum reference levels established for international environmental quality standards. Default is considered when it exceeds 100%.

“Citizens must be sure that electromagnetic waves do not have negative effects. The MTC makes constant measurements and we have verified that all signals are within the allowed standard. This gives security to continue installing more antennas that help reduce the digital divide, “said Ángel Paz, general director of Communications Inspections and Sanctions.

Telecommunication antennas benefit the population and more need to be installed throughout the country. In Cusco there is a deficit of more than 330 base stations (structure where antennas are placed) to allow more families to be connected.

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