CASPER—Jeffrey May Severn passed away Sunday, December 6, 2020. He was predeceased by his father, William “Bill” Severn.

Jeff is survived by his mother, Beverly; brothers, Michael and Craig (Anne); and nephews, Ross (Judy) and Lewis (Amanda); with four great nieces and nephews.

Jeff was born in Hamilton, New York and moved to Laramie, at age two, where his father was working towards a Masters in geology. From there he moved to Casper where he spent his youth, graduating from Natrona County High School in 1971 and attended Casper College. As a young man he hitchhiked the west spending time in Seattle, Washington. He moved to Colorado and received an Associate’s Degree in accounting, eventually moving back to Casper.

Jeff contracted polio at an early age. As a child in 1965, he was the Wyoming Easter Seals Poster Boy. He managed to get along quite well despite his handicap and his strength of will powered him on to live an independent life.

His interests included ham radio, antenna science, electronics, Yellowstone geology, earth harmonics, and planetary anomalies. He learned to pilot a glider. He drove his truck to Oregon and helped in set up communications and power systems for a remote off-grid property his parents were developing. Later his interests expanded to Constitutional law, the paranormal, climate change, and the Covid-19 pandemic.

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