Isotropic Systems

Isotropic Systems has raised over $40 million in a round of funding led by telecommunications company SES and will use the capital to further develop its multibeam antenna.

Boeing’s HorizonX Global Ventures, Firmament Ventures, Space Angels, Promus Ventures’ Orbital Ventures fund and the U.K. government’s Future Fund participated in the funding round, Isotropic said Monday.

The multibeam antenna, which is expected to launch in early 2022, uses Isotropic Systems’ radio frequency optics technology to establish simultaneous connections with multiple satellite constellations in various orbits.

John Finney, founder and CEO of Isotropic Systems, said the company’s multibeam antenna technology could enable service providers to address connectivity issues and transform the delivery of bandwidth services to end users.

Isotropic Systems will also use the funds to launch a 20,000-square-foot testing facility in the U.K., and create 150 more engineering jobs over the next two years.

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