FORD RIVER TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WLUC) – With winter in full swing Ford River Township water system customers are reminded to use extra caution during the winter months.

The water system has hydrants, valve boxes, curb stops, meter pits and meter radio antennas all of which can likely fall in areas where homeowners may be plowing or riding recreational vehicles.

The township says homeowners are responsible for damage of all water supply equipment which is located next to their property, and therefore are asked to use care. For example; if winter snow covers a curbstop and a homeowner plows his driveway and bends over that curbstop, homeowners will pay for repair or replacement of any water department items.

Residents are reminded to check around the home to insure there are no water supply lines exposed to freezing conditions.

Any questions about the Ford River Township water system should be directed to Mark Rose at 906-630-1864.

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