A radio antenna atop Corry Fire Department’s Station No. 1, 14 E. South St., fell onto high-tension power lines on Sept. 30, sparking the need to replace the roof of the station. The price of replacement: $43,100, which will be entirely covered by insurance.

A temporary patch was put on the roof until a contract could be finalized for its replacement.

After the city engineer, Gus Maas, reviewed multiple quotes from professional roofing companies, a quote from Alex Roofing Company Inc., of Erie, was approved by Corry City Council at a recent meeting, City Manager Jason Biondi said.

Council needed to approve the expense because it will need to be paid before it can be reimbursed by the insurance company.

The roof will be replaced with a 2,900-square-foot fully adhered rubber membrane and the current hatch in the roof will be replaced with a modern 3-by-3 hatch with a locking system, Biondi said.

A 20-year warranty is also included in the $43,100.

The contract with Alex Roofing says the bid does not include permits and fees, winter conditions, snow/ice removal, overtime, deck cuts, additional penetrations, wood blocking, demolition of units, prevailing wage, bonds and work not specified.

“The only other thing that could cause us additional costs would be if they found more damaged decking than what’s estimated currently,” Biondi said.

There is no firm start date, Biondi said. Work is weather dependent has not been scheduled. 

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