HONDO, Texas, July 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Steve Cerwin has been an active practitioner of radio art for over a half-century. At the forefront of this fascination are antennas and the way radio works. Now, he wants to impart his experience and  knowledge to both professionals and amateurs who want to learn antennas and radio propagation in a way that can be grasped and understood on an intuitive level.


In “Radio Propagation and Antennas: A non-mathematical treatment of radio and antennas” (published by AuthorHouse), Cerwin uses a teaching method that stresses an intuitive understanding of terrestrial radio wave behavior and the operating principles of many antenna types. It specifically avoids the use of high-order mathematics such as integral calculus, although it gives many formulas for various propagation and antenna parameters. The teaching methods represent the culmination of the knowledge he gained in a 50-year career in physics and 15 years’ experience in teaching radio and antenna classes.


“In a world becoming increasingly dependent on radio and antennas for wireless voice and internet communications, the demand for capable technical personnel will only increase,” Cerwin points out. “This book will give an operational advantage to those tasked with implementing and maintaining wireless networks that rely on effective antennas and robust communication links.”


“Radio Propagation and Antennas: A non-mathematical treatment of radio and antennas” aims to give readers a fundamental understanding of radio wave behavior and antenna design at an intuitive level and hopes to increase their confidence in their ability to effectively practice this art. For more details about the book, please visit https://www.amazon.com/Radio-Propagation-Antennas-non-mathematical-treatment/dp/1728320348.

Readers can also view the author’s video by clicking this link


“Radio Propagation and Antennas: A non-mathematical treatment of radio and antennas”

By Steve Cerwin

Hardcover | 6×9 in | 266 pages | ISBN 9781728320335

Softcover | 6×9 in | 266 pages | ISBN 9781728320342

E-Book | 266 pages | ISBN 9781728320328

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About the Author

Steve Cerwin became interested in ham radio at age 12 and was licensed in 1963 as WA5FRF. After earning a degree in physics in 1971, he joined the Southwest Research Institute where he designed custom electronic instrumentation and antenna systems. He advanced through the ranks to become a Director and finally an Institute Scientist. He continues to serve the Institute as a Technical Advisor. While at the Institute, he taught Advanced Electronic Design at St. Mary’s University for 15 years as an evening class. In approximately 2004, he began teaching weeklong antenna courses and still does today. His other interests include scuba diving and flying both RC and full-scale aircraft. He holds a commercial pilot’s license with an instrument rating.    

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