Bolivians broadcast knowledge on Covid-19 to indigenous communities. (Manuel Seoane pic)

FMT in partnership with The Global Institute For Tomorrow (GIFT) brings you a Covid-19 “healer” from Bolivia.

In the absence of government-led initiatives to support and educate the indigenous communities living in the Bolivian Amazon, a group of locals took matters into their own hands to start a radio station.

The station is broadcasted to different communities in their local languages. Covid-19 survivors also broadcasted their knowledge on beneficial natural medicines and educate listeners on what remedies can help fight the disease.

Bernardo Muiba, the President of (Multi-ethnic Indigenous Territory) TIM, along with Juan Carlos Semo and other workers from TIM install a radio antenna to communicate with indigenous communities.

Bernardo handles the programming for the radio broadcasting and talks about the natural medicines that can help protect communities from the disease: as a Covid-19 survivor, he can speak from experience.

Juan Carlos, a member of the San Miguel indigenous community, can also be seen transmitting information about Covid-19 through the radio to indigenous communities throughout the territory.

Locals rally to set up a makeshift tower. (Manuel Seoane pic)
A young boy listens to the radio broadcast. (Manuel Seoane pic)
The indigenous communities are given information on natural medicines and remedies that can help fight Covid-19. (Manuel Seoane pic)
Manuel Seoane.

Manuel Seoane is a Bolivian photographer. He has a degree in photojournalism from DMJX in Denmark. His work with urban Aymara cultures was a semi-finalist contender at the World Press Photo Contest 2019 and has been featured in several festivals and contests such as Tbilisi Night of Photography, Lumix Festival, The Fence, Flash Forward 2018, PhotogrVphy Grant and Lucie Foundation Scholarship. His work was also a runner up at Open Society Foundation’s Moving Walls 25 contest. He was selected as a participant at the New York Times Portfolio Review. He is a National Geographic Storytelling Explorer and a Reuters Photojournalism Grantee. Last year he was awarded the Pulitzer Center’s Journalism Fund. His work has been published in The Wall Street Journal (US), Télérama (France), Huck Magazine (UK), Die Zeit (Germany), El País (Spain), Clarín (Argentina) and many others. View his portfolio here.

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