Keysight joins Si2 TITAN to Promote Silicon Technology to System Interoperability

SANTA ROSA, Calif .– (BUSINESS WAY) – April 7, 2022–

Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS), a leading technology company that provides high-quality design and reinforcement solutions to help accelerate global integration and sustainability, has announced that it has recently joined the Silicon Integration Initiative (Si2) Technology Interoperability Trajectory Advisory Council (TITAN). TITAN is a thought-provoking leadership platform focused on accelerating ecosystem integration and integrating silicon-to-system technology success.

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Niels Faché, vice president and chief executive of Keysight’s PathWave Software Solutions. (Photo: Business Wire)

Keysight executives participate in the TITAN executive council and its subsidiaries, known as “satellites.” Niels Faché, vice president and general manager of Keysight’s PathWave Software Solutions, joins 15 members of the TITAN executive council. Professional leaders from Keysight will present their expertise to three TITAN satellites, including a securely developed data application programming interface (SPEED API), 2.5D / 3D-IC design integration, and multi-vendor data management workflows (DMW).

“Si2 manufactures automatic power supply (EDA) tools and integration systems that assist our customers in the industrialonductor and electrical systems,” said Faché. “Our customers face IC, board and system-component integration problems as the industry shifts to high-speed, complex design and small geometries required to enhance the Moore Law and speed up ‘More-than-Moore’ practices. Our TITAN member demonstrates Keysight’s commitment to helping in integrating technology and supporting industry standards within PathWave tools and workflow.

The main goal of TITAN is to speed up access to solutions and market and promote skills through industry integration. The council seeks technological interaction between EDA vendors, cloud providers, banks, semiconductor and emerging silicon-to-system companies. It builds industry consensus on operational efficiency and advises the Si2 board of directors on top-of-the-line practices and solutions. TITAN also bridges suspended Si2 programs such as OpenAccess, Compact Model and Open Standards Coalitions and Special Interest Groups.

“Keysight has a long history of participating in Si2 programs,” said John Ellis, Si2 president and CEO. “As Si2 expands in the systems, Keysight brings valuable focus to TITAN from its market expertise in delivering software-centric solutions that streamline radio frequency and microwave application. A step that makes Keysight an invaluable aid in solving the problems of face-to-face interaction.

For more information on Keysight’s EDA tools and solutions, visit PathWave Design.

Keysight provides advanced and reinforcing design solutions that help speed up integration and conservation skills. Keysight’s commitment to speed and streamline access to software-driven intelligence and analytics brings tomorrow technology products to market faster within the growth process, in simulation design, prototype validation, automatic software testing, design analysis, and network performance optimization and visibility in business, service provider and cloud environments . Our customers focus on global communications and industrial ecosystems, aerospace and defense, automotive, energy, semiconductor and general electronics markets. Keysight earned $ 4.9B in the 2021 financial year. For more information on Keysight Technologies (NYSE: KEYS), visit

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