25 Best Vaccine Cardholders: Keep Documents Safe and Organized

Whether you’re going to a concert, traveling overseas, or just going to a restaurant with friends, there’s a good chance you’ll be asked to show your immunization card. Sure, you can keep a photo of the ID on your cell phone, but it never hurts to have a paper backup in case your phone is not available or you forgot to charge the battery.

And you don’t have to look far to find a vaccination card holder that is both stylish and affordable to keep that little vaccination card safe. Some of the items on this list are actually designed as immunization card holders and others are just stylish generic card holders and bracelets that accidentally fit perfectly on your immunization card.

That said, vaccination cards tend to be larger than most traditional wallet slots, so a typical wallet usually doesn’t work. But do not worry. All items on this list have been triple checked to make sure dimensions are correct. In addition, many of them have a see-through window so you don’t have to take your card out to show it to others – it’s a surefire way to keep it in good condition for a long time.

Many of these vaccination cards even have key rings and clips so you can safely keep them in your purse – something that will come in handy especially if you’re on the go and need to show your card frequently. And before you start thinking that keeping your card from smudging, scratching and tearing is just one lamination, you might think again as you never know when your immunization card may need to be updated in the future.

View the top 9 immunization card holders below to keep your important papers safe and organized.

Best total vaccine card holder

Combination of passport and vaccine cases

This cute holder looks more like a diary than a place to store your passport and vaccination card – it even has space for a pen. Made of leatherette, there are 34 beautiful prints and solid patterns to choose from. Bonus: Radio frequency blocking technology prevents identity theft.

The best scratch-resistant vaccine card holder

Two-piece scratch-resistant vaccine card holder

With no unnecessary extras that are essential to minimalists, this vaccine card holder does exactly what it says, and does it well. It is scratch-resistant and waterproof – perfect for those who like to spend time by the water. For only $ 7, get two for you and your travel companion.

The best vaccination card holder for families

Two-piece vaccination card holder

Not only does one of them have slots for two immunization cards, but for $ 8, you’ll get two of them. Translation? They are great for family travel.

The best vaccine card holder for the forgetful

Passport vaccine container with tracking technology

This vegan leather immunization card and passport pouch includes an Apple AirTags compatible tracker keychain – great if you’re prone to losing your belongings. It also has radio frequency blocking technology to prevent identity theft, as well as slots for three credit cards.

Best Vaccine Card Holder for Children

Cover for a crew member’s boarding pass

This handmade handle will make your little ones think they are part of the ship’s crew every time they are asked for proof of vaccine. Bonus: It’s made of easy-to-wipe vinyl and comes with a key ring so you can attach it to your backpack.

Best vaccine card holder for this value

Genuine Italian leather vaccine card holder

With this holder, you only need $ 13. Made from 100% genuine Italian leather, RF Blocking technology helps prevent identity theft, and a clear window easily shows your immunization card. It also has four slots for IDs and credit cards and a removable D-shackle key ring. Need more? There are 13 fun colors to choose from.

The best eco-friendly vaccine card holder

Made of lightweight vegan apple leather (!), These card holders are available in four neutral colors including burgundy, khaki, pastel pink and black.

Best vaccine card holder with key ring

Made with a waterproof top, this simple vaccine card holder includes a key ring clasp and comes in 14 beautiful colors including powder pink, sapphire and lilac. Simplicity makes it easy to flash the vaccine card quickly.

Best Vaccine Card Holder Designer

Great if you prefer bracelets to handbags, this slim handle has fine leather and a classic design combined with a zipper to protect your immunization card. Sure, it’s not technically sold as a vaccine card holder, but the dimensions are perfect for that. Yes it is pricey but a great gift (for myself).

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